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Writing & Submitting the Offer: After weeks of searching we have finally found a house that matches all your criteria (including schools, city, safety, etc.). We need to put in an offer as soon as possible, waiting will only hurt you by allowing the competition (other buyers) to find this home.

Prior to writing the purchase offer I will talk to the listing agent to get as much information as I can such as when they are looking at offers, if they have any offers, have they done inspections, etc. The point of this is twofold, first is to lay some groundwork with the selling party and second is to find out what the sellers are looking for and to write an offer that best reflects that.

For some sellers it could be price, for other sellers it could be time. Some sellers are in a hurry to close a deal because of personal factors such as moving for a job or divorce. Cutting down the time that it takes to close the deal is one of the ways I help you put in the best complete and competitive offer.

Priceton Capital, who I work with extensively, is able to close deals in 21 days compared to the 30+ days of some commercial banks and they have very competitive rates. Check out my loan consultant Vance Riddleand give him a call, (408-872-3137), to see how he can assist in the packaging of your loan. Tell him I sent you1f600

The writing of the offer is a binding contract between you (the buyer) and the seller when both parties sign. This is where we will write in all the terms of the contract such as property inspection contingencies, termite inspection contingencies, and repairs to be done. You will also be looking over all the disclosures the seller has given over such as Natural Hazards Disclosure Statements and disclosures about the property and the HOA.

We are taking all of these steps to insure that we write the most competitive and complete offer and give you, the buyer, the best chance at getting the house of your dreams.

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