Post image for Buy a Home: Step 2Step 2 of 5: Process To Buy A Home – Find a Realtor® & Find a HomeFinding a Realtor®: Why should you have a Realtor® assist you in finding your new home? Again it is due to the principle of “time is money”, a Realtor® can find homes that fit your exact needs and cut down the time it takes to find a home.

I will ask you questions to help draw out all the different criteria that you are looking for in your new home. With this information I will then search through our Local MLS and our Coldwell Banker exclusive listings to find homes that best fit your needs. By working with me you always have a professional educating you step by step and I will also act as your connection between listing agents so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Finding Your Home: This step is usually the lengthiest part of the home buying process. For many buyers it can take between a month and two months to see the inventory of homes available and find one that fits them.

The best way to find great homes is to work with a Realtor® that is willing to take you on a tour of homes that meets your specifications. My tour of homes usually involve 5-8 properties and usually takes about 2-3 hours. The reason we try to see so many homes each day is so that a buyer can really get the feel of a specific neighborhood. Every city is different, by taking tours you can start to understand what a price really reflects in terms of number of bedrooms, square footage, and renovations. To schedule a tour like this contact me and lets set up an appointment!

Always keep in mind just how long the home search takes when looking at homes. You are one of many home buyers in the market looking for property. Imagine all the other home buyers who have been looking at homes for months and finally see one that fits what they are looking for. The buyer that is going to get that house is the one that is willing to put in an offer. If you find a home that you like talk to your Realtor® and put in an offer immediately. The real winners in Real Estate are buyers that are decisive.

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