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Thomas is a multilingual (Mandarin Chinese & English) Realtor working in the Santa Clara County.

Thomas is currently working at Keller Williams in Cupertino with Vinicius Brasil the Santa Clara Real Estate Guy actively selling homes in the Santa Clara area. On his rare breaks from work he likes to enjoy the great outdoors through his love of snowboarding and skiing in Lake Tahoe. Thomas has been residing in Saratoga since the early age of 4 and attended Kennedy Middle School and Monta Vista High School. After graduating from Monta Vista High School, class of 03, he attended DeAnza College and transferred to UC Irvine to study Psychology. Having an intimate knowledge about the area he serves helps him consult clients with different needs.



Yixin S

I feel really lucky to know and have Thomas as my buyer agent in the house hunting. We met in an open house in Santa Clara. After a brief talk, I feel he sounds very professional and passionate helping his customer finding their dream house. Thomas knows the market very well. However, what makes him different is that he cares his customers. He is very sincere and honest. For the house he listed, he provided the information about pros and cons of the property. He never exaggerates the market but always provides facts and his opinions. With his help, I finally secure a house without over-paying it. Later on, under his recommendation, I used his contact in a big bank for the loan. Thomas helped called the loan agent many times to help solve problems. Again, he never pushes me to use his contact. He always tried to help but also said we can switch another loan agent if we are not satisfied or the rate/terms is not good. Although there are some glitches in the beginning in the loan application, it turns out to be a wise choice eventually. The loan was approved in 21 days. Before the close, Thomas showed the house extra three times under my requests. He always responds my questions very quickly and called the selling agent right away if he didn't know the answer. This is a great pleasure to work with Thomas and I would strongly recommend him to my friends!

Lee P

Always have the best service

Robb S

Thomas is a great realtor. He is knowledgeable, energetic, and dedicated to working hard for you. He helped me find a place that was even better than what I was looking for. Let him help you find your dream home too!

Roy M

Thomas helped me find and close the deal on a very nice home in Santa clara. In this competitive market, it is important to work with a skilled professional like thomas.

Nolan Y

Thomas is an very good realtor. He helped me purchase good property for good price and He is also a manager for the property rental. He made sure no loose ends, very attentative to my concerns and demands, simply very good service. For the rental, he takes care of everything from finding long term tenants, to take care of the maintanence of the property, and on time payment, and most importantly the good rent price.

Minliang Z

Thomas is a very professional, energetic realtor. He is extremely knowledgeable of my local area. He has good connections and would exhaust his network to find the best house for you.

Kim N

He is an excellent agent! He was very welcoming and helpful with all my questions and problems!

Bin Z

Buying a house is difficult, especially in this hot seller's market. We have heard so many stories that house hunters spent so long but still couldn't buy a house. When we starting looking around trying to find our home, we were so worried until we met Thomas in an open house and was impressed by his professional services. It took us only one month to win a bid with Thomas' help. strongly recommend.

Vincent C

Thomas is an excellent realtor. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He was able to help me find a great home at a good price. It was super pleasant working with Thomas and he was very helpful every step during the home purchasing process. Just a great service overall!

Fang C

We could not have been happier with Thomas recently representing us to win a house in a hot area. As a long-time house hunter in south bay, we knew exactly where we would like to settling. What we looked for was a professional realtor who can guide us through the entire buying process. Working with Thomas throughout this process exceeded all our expectations. He is incredibly responsive in caring all the details in an efficient and effective way. Appreciate his professionalism from making a thorough research on the house we were interested in, talking to the seller’s agent to express our interest all the way to setting up a buying strategy and negotiating a reasonable yet competitive offer. Besides being professional Thomas has deep knowledge of the local market. Once we seriously got into the bidding war, we realized how hard it is to purchase a house in seller’s market and expected a long journey. Thanks Thomas for his honest opinions and suggestions, we got exactly the right house in the area we wanted in only a month or so. We have no hesitation to refer our friends or anyone to Thomas.

Kean C

In the current market, you need a good agent to get the house you want. With his local knowledge, Thomas help us narrow down our criteria and focus on what matters. He know the Santa Clara and near by area like the back of his hand. We then set out with a clear target which help us locate what we are looking for very quickly. We where very worry that we will not get the house because we offer too low. Thomas help us (with his close relationship with other agents) get a very competitive offer price (which is over 50K lower than what I feel we need to get the house).

Bottom line, he help us get the house we want with a very competitive price. That is what count, but the whole process is also stress free and comfortable, with Thomas holding our hands along the way. He is friendly and easy to talk to. He help us with the final inspection and all matter (small or big) through to closing. He even give help and advise on the required repair and other small things. When we share our experience with our friend, no one believe us that buy a house can be so stress free (in this market).


Thomas is very sincere and dedicated Realtor. He went out of the way to help us get the house we wanted as getting it was a bit of a challenge. He is also very resourceful and was able to guide us through the process. I recommend him to anyone that I know looking for home in his market vicinity. Their team is super responsive. This is the best experience in my life so far dealing with a Realtor.

Albert C

In the beginning, Thomas and his team spent a good amount of time painting a realistic picture of what the housing market looked like in our area before we even started looking. They never sugar coated or promised anything. My wife and I appreciated this because we knew that they had our best interest at heart. Thomas never once pushed us to bid on a house that he did not think was going to be good for us. On the contrary, with regards to the houses that we were really interested in, he went above an beyond to try and make the most competitive offer possible. This was not just with the offer amount, but he made the effort to meet the selling agent the day of the offer date to express our interests. This also allowed him to gauge how much interest the property was attracting. Thomas is one of the main reasons why my wife and i were able to win the house we own today! As a plus, he speaks Chinese which was very helpful with talking to other agents as well as my parents. Wouldn't hesitate to use him and his team for the Silicon Valley. Highly recommended.

Carol C

Thomas was very accommodating, resourceful, and helpful. I would recommend using him as a real estate agent, and this is why: When we had first thought about purchasing a house, Thomas and his partner sat us down to give us a realistic idea about the kind of house we could afford in the neighborhoods that we liked. He was very familiar with the Santa Clara area and used his knowledge to help us consider some key facts that we might not have thought about otherwise (such as the better residential pockets in the area and parts of the region that had more traffic than others). My husband works until pretty late into the evening, and Thomas was very willing to accommodate our schedules. He spent many late hours showing us houses and even brought us back on the weekends so we could see what the homes were like during the day. He was very generous with his time. As first-time homebuyers, we had many questions about everything. There wasn’t a single disclosure or inspection that we didn't have queries about. Thomas was very resourceful and made a point to get our questions answered. When he didn’t have an answer, he researched the matter and got back to us in a very timely manner. In fact, we didn't have to follow up on anything because Thomas was so good about getting back to us. Thomas was also quite resourceful when we perused houses that needed remodeling work. He always gave us an idea of how much the renovations would cost so that we’d have a general idea of whether or not the house would fit our budget. Thomas was very equitable and professional, and it was clear that he had our best interests at heart. For instance, he provided very honest feedback when we looked at properties that he didn't think were good fits for us. It was easy to sense that he wasn't just trying to make a quick sale; instead, he wanted to help us get a property that we would be happy with. We ultimately ended up with a house that had the number of rooms and bathrooms that we were looking for -- and most importantly, it was close to our family, which was our top priority.

Yujie M

Everyone know the current market is tough for the buyers. I had previously work with three other agent before I met Thomas, with house prices going up every time I check, I am desperate. I know I need to get a house soon or soon I will not be able to afford one. Every house that fit my criteria attract over 20 offers, I know I have my work cut out for me. I am resort to bite the bullet and offer way over the market price to secure a deal. That would have cost me a lot of money but seems like that is the only way to go. Meeting Thomas changed my plan. He help me formulate a practical strategy that would get me the house I want and beating the competing offers. We have the house I want and I am only paying a little over the average market price. I am very happy and grateful for Thomas' help.

Thomas know the Santa Clara area very well and he is well connected, these sure help in forging the correct offer and identify the correct property to aim for. He offer help and support from the beginning to the end of the whole process. Pointing to things that we should pay attention to. We are very satisfied with the service we received and would recommend Thomas to all of our friends.

Ching C

Worked with Thomas to find our home. Very friendly and honest. Went above and beyond to help us get the home to start our new lives.

Serge B

I met Thomas at a open house and he was very friendly and inviting. He kept our line of communication open by sending me weekly updates of new homes available off-market and on-market. When I reached out to him, he was very responsive an we got started right away. Thomas is a very hands-on real estate agent; if I needed to see a house quickly because offers were being reviewed next day, he was able to schedule a time the same day for me to look at it. He has a great inner-circle working with him. From the time I first saw my house to the time I got the keys was about 3 weeks. This is a incredibly short amount of time to close but Thomas and his team made the process seem smooth and painless. I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone looking for a house to buy in the south bay. He really has your best interest in mind and will do everything he can to try to help you find a place as quick as possible and get a price as close to market value.

Zixia H

Thomas is a great and honest Realtor. He knows Santa Clara market very well, and he is able to help us win the bid among multiple highly competitive offers. Thomas is very resourceful, and is able to respond to my questions with minimal delay. His team provides lots of suggestions on house remodeling and fix. It is truly a pleasant experience to work with Thomas.

Carol C

Thomas helps my husband and I to get our well-pleased house using his expertise. We are very impressed with his patient advise and professional guidance. He thinks of customer, knows market a lot, give any feedback timely. We feel lucky to meet Thomas to be our buyer agent. And we enjoyed when we work together with him. Finally, we get our house, and every step goes very smoothly with his help. I want to say Thank you very much Thomas. If my friend look for property, I will strongly recommend him.

Richa A

Me and my husband met Thomas at a open house and he was very friendly and inviting. He kept sending us weekly updates of new homes available off-market and on-market. When we reached out to him, he was very responsive an we got started right away. Thomas is a very hands-on real estate agent. We would totally recommend Thomas as a real-estate agent for getting your dream house as he makes the entire process very convenient and hassle-free.

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